Photo Restorations:

If an image is in need of being repaired from water damage, cracks, rips, tares, creases, dirt, pen/marker, any form of marks, fading, colour enhancing from smoke/sun damage, or is missing parts of the image in anyway.


Photo Editing:

If an image needs converting into black & white/Sepia toning, or adding a colour splash, contrasting, adding special effects, adding a texture, enhancing colour, airbrushing, or something to make that photo special for you.



If an image needs to be colourized. This can be from an image that is not in colour and is wished to be in colour.


Photography Batch Editing:

If you have taken a large sum of photos and need them to be narrowed down to a certain amount, to take out the unwanted photos from the sum, needing to have images batch edited with lighting or darkening.



If you have any 35mm Colour/B&W negatives and slides, 120mm Colour/B&W and slides, Odd size negatives and slides, Printed photos.



If in need of some photographs taken, if it’s wedding, portrait, landscape, event or any kind of photography, you can give us a call. We can discuss the different options or ideas you might have.

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